Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gravitonas - Incredible

Gravitonas' new track "Incredible" premiered this summer during Stockholm Pride was finally released as a lead-single from upcoming "The Hyperborea EP" to be out on October 10th. Tracklisting is already unleashed and will include collaborations with András Kallay Saunders, Rebecca Stella and Rebstar.
Talking about the song, "Incredble" has gone as dancey as Gravitonas can go leading listener through a dramatical BWO-esque verse to a big euphoric chorus. Though visually you get the song as no other previous band's single theoretically it can become a great "Call Your Name" and "Everybody Dance" follow-up which have become project's tickets to radio stations abroad.
Maxi-single has also turned incredible gathering forces of SoundFactory, NORD, Axento and Andy Harding.

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