Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello Confusion - London

We weren't speaking about some fresh pop-rock discoveries quite long, genre having hard times in Sweden lately but still we constantly get some new wonderful bands knowing how to bring up a well built tune with proper energy and great production.
Stockholm-based band Hello Confusion was built back in 2008 and has already released two EPs back in 2009 (both are available to listen on their soundcloud page). This year guys have made a comeback with a tougher sound presenting their fresh single "London" released by 100 songs label founded by TEN's commander Ola Håkansson.
"London" has become a bridge between a wide direction of postgrunge followers and more intimate live-band sound which has made the whole thing quite special and looking like a pretty tight pack with a nice melody it's based on.
Band has much more to present this autumn. Starting from 15 October they'll be releasing new song every Monday during 11 weeks so if you like "London" you should start following them and enjoy a big stream of their new stuff to start very soon.

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