Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Interview with Tess "the goddess of success" Merkel

This summer small but quite Swedish loving Russian town Istra situated not that far from Moscow has become a big lucky third year in a row receiving music delegation from Sweden consisting of three grand ladies of Swedish pop - Jessica Folcker, Tess Merkel and Jenny Berggren.
Jessica and Jenny have become a part of annual Miss Istra programme (last years organizers invited Danny and Da Buzz).
We've come up with our good friend Tatiana Merzlikina who works with Starmax (the company organizing this great fest) to prepare interviews with artists as surely they are incredibly interested for us and have played a big role in history of Swedish pop of last 10-20 years.
Here's the first chat Tatiana had - with Tess Merkel, constant member of Alcazar. Tess has started career in 90s as a musical artist, already then you could see her as a backing singer at Melodifestivalen. In 1999 she has started her music romance with Alcazar that has officially taken a break last year. So let's see what Tess is busy with since that.

TESS: Hi! How are you?
STARMAX: I am fine. And you?
TESS: Me too. Zdravstvui!

STARMAX: Zdravstvui! Tess, tell did you enjoy last night show?
TESS: Oh, that was wonderful! I am here to back up my friend Jessica and have a great time. I am hanging out with my friend here in Moscow and in Istra. And Istra was very nice. It was a good crowd and staging was wonderful.

STARMAX: I know that is not your first visit in Russia. Do you like being here?
TESS: Oh, Russia is wonderful! Moscow is beautiful and you have even hotter weather here than we have in Sweden. Usually when you get here, it is cold. I have never been here in summertime. And it’s lovely to spend summertime here in Moscow now.

STARMAX: Alcazar has decided to take a break last year. What are you up to now? What are your plans for the future?
TESS: Right now I am producing shows. Besides I spend a lot of time with my kids. This summer I’m having a vacation and then I am starting a couple of projects. So I like it. It’s like an open book. I feel that I’ve started a new chapter in my life. I worked with Alcazar for many-many years and now I have new time for me. So I can do whatever I choose.

STARMAX: Do you keep in touch with your bandmates?
TESS: Oh, yeah! All the time! We really love each other, we have a good time together. So we keep in touch. I met Lina a couple of days ago. Andreas visited Stockholm and we were out about a week ago. We like being in each other’s company.
[By the way guys even keep doing some private parties together as Alcazar. So fans shouldn't give up dreams about their reunion sooner or later. - Swedish Stereo]

STARMAX: You seem to be the only Alcazar member who didn't try to make a solo career except that duo with The Poodles? Don't you plan to start it now?
TESS: I don’t know… I am not sure of that. I have a lot of different projects and I work with very creative things right now. I love singing, but I don’t want to put all my energy on being solo artist. I’m going to take it as it comes. It depends on if I get some songs and so on. I can’t decide it right now. Whatever comes, we’ll see. Que sera, sera (Whatever will be, will be).

STARMAX: Alcazar was a great international breakthrough in the 2000s. What do you think about young Swedish artists? Is there anybody you could give a tip about as a next big thing from Sweden?
TESS: Oh, yes! We have a lot of good music in Sweden! We have a lot of good producers and songwriters, so, of course, we have a lot of great artists, coming from Sweden. For example, we have Darin… We have…(pause) We have a lot of them! I think Swedish music is definitely upcoming. We’re going to produce a lot of good music in Sweden and we are very proud of that.

STARMAX: Why is Swedish music is constantly so popular in your opinion? Why does Sweden produce so much good music?
TESS: The roots of that comes from ABBA. These songwriters inspired a lot of good musicians in Sweden. Besides like you, Russians, we have a long winter, so all we can do in wintertime is to sit down and write some songs, maybe. We have only one month to go out, drink some wine and relax, then go down in the studio and keep on writing, writing, writing.

STARMAX: Thanks so much and good luck!
TESS: Thanks, bye!

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