Friday, September 7, 2012

Aynur Aydin - Hurricane

Turkish singer Aynur Aydin have gathere some great Swedish forces - Toni Nilsson, Darin, Jason Gill, Johann Röhr, Björn Djupström, Moh Denebi to record the album "12 Ways To La La" with songs presented both in English and Turkish version but there were not just Swedish songwriters involved in a process.
Loreen was asked to help with backing vocals for the song "Hurricane" ("Siyah Fırtına") - beautiful modern disco-track with a light melancholic feeling and wonderful warm tune clearly marking Swedish songwriting appearance. Loreen has initially agreed to sing English version as she doesn't speak Turkish but finally she has learnt Turkish lyrics as well. You can hear Loreen's touching vocal in a dramatic line of the chorus so good that you can actually consider Loreen as a featuring artist and have this track as a proper treatment before Loreen's own new single. Check performance of the song below or by this link and Turkish version of the song here.

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