Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ulrik Munther and David Lindgren on the way to Globen

Another semifinal of Melodifestivalen is over and Ulrik Munther with David Lindgren become a new couple of winners.
I never had a doubt Ulrik is going to go directly to the final but I underestimated David even after he has won public poll yesterday but after all "Shout It Out" is a good modern dance song and Tony Nilsson's second song-finalist after Darin by the way. This year's final in common is going to be very modern and much stronger than year before. Timoteij with their new folk-schlager and rockabilly-band Top Cats have qualified to Andra Chansen.
Di Leva's confetti fest was left 5th, Sonja's schlager-ballad was 6th (wondering if there'll be more schlager-ballads next year?), Andreas Lundstedt dance-comeback has reached 7th (first really painful moment for me) and Mimi's colourful performance has become 8th (another not less painful moment).
Among positive moments we've got Jessica Folcker back in a live mashup of Anniela's "Elektrisk" and "Electric" of Melody Club, Robyn and Leila K. We miss you, Jess!

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Eliel said...

DC should sue David for ripping of the wizard. With lick he'll be disqualified & replaced with someone decent.

Unfortunately they messed up on Ulrik & I have no loopholes to suggest.