Friday, February 17, 2012

Opening Wolf Box

I've just found out that have completely forgotten to tell you about one of the most amazing comebacks of 2011 - Isabel Guzman, electropop artist which has delivered a big bunch of stylish music goodies for blogging community with two EPs back in 2007-2008. My biggest favorites were "Love Song" and "Wrapped Up In Plastic".
Isabel has come back last year with a new name Wolf Box and much darker melancholic electropop but still very tasty productions. "One For The Radio" is seemingly light melodic track starting with retro-layers growing into epic choruses, "Mirror Wisdom" (that you can listen below) is the darkest and deepest track I've heard so far from Isabel based on a piano sound and mystic atmosphere with howling wolf on the background. And today Isabel has premiered new track "Hollow" on her Facebook page, it's modern, still piano-based ballad with Ryan Tedder-esque heavy beats, the most commercial work of Wolf Box. I really recommend you to check all of these songs.

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Nikolai said...

Oh, I loved her songs since she was Isabel Guzman. Now her sound became less electronic and more alive. All three released works under Wolf Box cover grows on me with every listening. I wish Isabel all the luck with new track. Btw, she also published Hollow on soundcloud