Monday, February 13, 2012

H.e.a.t. - Living On The Run

Almost two years ago we've got quite unexpected news about Idol-2009 winner Erik Grönwall replacing vocalist of H.e.a.t. - a band that pop-fans can remember by participation in Melodifestivalen-2009 with a rock-song "1000 Miles". Erik has shown himself as a big fan of classic 80s rock with a loud screaming vocal so there seemed nothing wrong in this idea and here we have the first single of H.e.a.t. with Erik.
"Living On The Run" is absolutely worthy follow-up of "1000 Miles", it's a big 80s rock song with a strong tune sounding like an old anthem that everyone has ocasionally missed then but finally it has arrived and becomes pretty exciting introduction to H.e.a.t.'s new era that will be celebrated on March 28th with release of the brand new album "Address The Nation".
Last autumn it was rumoured that Fredrik Kempe has written a track for guys to participate in Melodifestivalen but seems like they didn't negotiated so I hope guys will change their mind for the next schlager-season.

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