Saturday, February 4, 2012

MF-2012: full songs of the first semifinal

Seems like I really underestimated Sean Banan, it's just too catchy and after winning public poll on yesterday's rehearsal I easily can imagine it winning semifinal. Abalone Dots get lost among more dynamic entries which is really pity. Dead By April's in full length are much easier to catch for pop-ears and their fans still should be satisfied. Marie's song is very stylish, verses are as good as choruses we heard before and this song has really deserved its spot in the final that it won't get. I've caught the problem Schlagerprofilerna mentioned regarding Afro-dite's song, it's starts in a wild disco-rhythm but there's no place for it to grow and it the end you get tired of this party but the song is still good. Thorsten Flinck is too monotonous in full length, it doesn't seem to be "Snälla Snälla"/"Road Salt" league to fight for the final. The Moniker has pretty cool song that I hope will get a future on the radio but Andra Chansen? Don't think so.
Loreen is absolutely incredible, as she promised this song is crawling under your skin. It's not a song, it's a tangle of feelings, it's international level club anthem performed by one of the best Swedish pop-vocalists. My first reaction to Loreen's comeback was - no, she's too good to make it again, now I think - how wonderful she has done it as the song is her perfect comeback no matter how far it will go. Loads of luck to you tonight, Loreen!
And you don't miss semifinal here tonight at 20.00 by local time.

Abalone Dots - På väg
The Moniker - I Want To Be Chris Isaak
Afro-Dite - The Boy Can Dance
Thorsten Flinck och Revolutionsorkestern - Jag reser mig igen

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Nikolai said...

Afro-dite presented the song in their common style. I see no changes since their 2002 album, the same disco-rhythm . I guess, it's very "the rivers of joy". Yes, the arrangement is quite similar during all the song, but it's usual for disco style! And I like it anyway!

Damian said...

I do agree that it was their classic sound and I don't I think it was bad to sound like this, I enjoyed it. My personal problem with this track was that dynamics of the song from the beginning didn't leave place to grow more. I hope they'll give one more single at least.