Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last bunch of Melodifestivalen songs

Full studio-version of the fourth semifinal are here:
- Charlotte makes girly disco-Popular which is going to sound pretty effective with her expensive performance.
- OPA!'s song is probably difficult for those who don't listen to pure Greek folk.
- Dynazty are quite more interesting in its full version and it's right as good as "1000 Miles", not any worse but not any better.
- Lotta Engberg and Christer Sjogren present more melodic, warm and pleasant follow-up of "I Love Europe".
- Hanna Lindblad's song has turned to be quite Robynesque in verses which probably is not that good for MF but I still buy it completely for those amazing 80s dynamic choruses.
- Axel delivers good radio-hit for indie-lovers with recognizable Oskar Linnros vibes.
- Lisa Miskovsky does her soft and sweet guitar pop which in full version is probably a bit too calm for MF.
- And finally Danny's "Amazing" is nice "Save The World"-smelling club-track which goes hard right from the first verse, it's more modern and international than "In The Club" but now I'm wondering can it beat "Euphoria"? Loreen vocally fills her song with emotions and emphasizes all up and down moments better when Danny makes it all big, beautiful and spectacular. Loreen presents her song as a piece of art, Danny - as effective pop-entertainment. I can't predict what will work better at ESC and what Sweden will choose in 2 weeks but both of these winners are gonna give a tough fight at Eurovision and will be contenders for the highest places. Get ready for the show tonight!

OPA! - Allting blir bra igen
Dynazty - Land of Broken Dreams
Lotta Engberg och Christer Sjögren - Don’t Let Me Down
Axel Algmark - Kyss mig
Lisa Miskovsky - Why Start a Fire

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Anonymous said...

Charlotte should win this, no doubt about it. Danny is weak, and Euphoria is not even half strong as The Girl.

Anonymous said...

I'm a right?

Damian said...

Unfortunately listening to all songs I'm afraid there's a possibility Charlotte will be 5th. But I hope she'll qualify further.