Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amanda Jenssen - Dry My Soul

Amanda Jenssen is one of those Idol-wonders who has started erasing her Idol-label right after the show breaking up with any hint on commercial mainstream pop and unleashing her jazz-passion that has resulted in two Top-3 albums and loads of respect Sweden like to grace some independent original artists with.
Last year Amanda was touring in Germany getting positive response and trying to establish career there. During that tour she has performed new track "Dry My Soul" that is going to be her new single and you can already check teaser of video and live-version in quite good quality to realize what sort of wild 60s party it's going to be.
New Amanda's album is promised to be released already this spring and Sweden gets its official premiere of the single on Grammis-2012 show that will be held on February 14th.

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Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!! So glad to hear, that Amazing Amanda ist back!! Love you forever!
Deeno from Germany