Thursday, February 9, 2012

Elodie - Miss Vamberly

First we've met Elodie when we've found her name in credits on Play's Emelie Norenberg solo-track "Strong", then Elodie was working on some solo-stuff we were interested to dig into and here's her new dance single "Miss Vamberly".
It's an artistic, crazy in a good sense dance-music you can't directly categorize but it seems like it doesn't really want to be categorized going it's own weird way we're glad to follow.
If you like this song you should also check another Elodie's single "Go Away" - it's much more dreamier aesthetic electronic discopop but not miles away from "Miss Vamberly".

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Fred Hystere said...

I love love love this song. Totally got me hooked on Elodie!

I wrote about her on my blog today!