Sunday, August 12, 2012

Live pieces of Stockholm Pride-2012

Though Stockholm Pride is not event broadcasted on TV some really interesting performances are going online shot by Pride's visitors. So I've decided to collect the most special ones.
Ex-Love Generation - Stockholm Syndrome girls have performed their brand new song "Karma" (or "Karma's A Bitch" in some sources, we don't know what is official title yeat). On the video below choruses go a bit too messy because of hard bass but you can understand what a big step it is from previous girls' pop-singles.
Our favorites Happy Hoes and Da Buzz were singing their newest singles and both were enjoyable to look at.
And finally Gravitonas during full gig have premiered two new songs - "Desert Sky" and the next single "Incredible". Both are available to watch here. And you can listen to the first one below. "Desert Sky" is a great piece of dramatical pop with a funky chorus which is probably doesn't have a lot common with a studio-version but it have a potential to be one of the best Gravitonas' tunes (especially for BWO fans). "Incredible" sounds initially more complicated but turns afterwards to a straight-forward big happy dance chorus.

Gravitonas - Desert Sky (Live at Stockholm Pride) by slavissimo

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