Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cue - Don't Wanna Lie (Niklas Bergwall remix)

Niklas Bergwall has entered the world of Swedish pop as a part of songwriting/producing duo 2N (with Niclas Kings). He worked a lot with Kate Ryan in 00s, Charlotte Perrelli, BWO and September (who is currently Niklas' girlfriend) also recorded songs with Niklas. You can find a lot of mixes made by Niklas and now we've got a new absolutely brilliant one.
Unfortunately we know less about Niklas Hjulström, Swedish actor who was a releasing artist as a part of duo Cue since 90s. But we know that Cue have released a beautiful ballad "Don't Wanna Lie" in Broken Door's style of dramatic rocky pop-ballads. And now the ballad has got a remix treatment from Niklas Bergwall who has turned the track to an amazing dance-pop anthem which has got a video premiered today.

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