Thursday, August 2, 2012

Loreen all over Europe

Loreen keeps visiting different parts of Europe where "Euphoria" has become pretty popular. Though it's really difficult to find where it actually hasn't become a huge summer hit.
So I want to gather some TV-performances that she has made abroad here.
Her visit to Belarus for Slavyanskiy Bazar festival was initially criticized by Swedish human rights defenders as an act of support to Belorussian government. But afterfwards it has turned that Loreen was meeting local defenders (keeping it in secret before return). Festival performance was I guess her the first performance with playback (or the first that I see) so I haven't mentioned it on blog.
On August 7th Loreen will visit Spanish Pride but before she has apperead on a local show making "Euphoria" in TV-studio.
The latest performance was done in German show Popstars where Loreen has become a guest coach for participants and has touched them to tears with acoustic version of "Euphoria". It wasn't the first time Loreen came to Germany so I hope you haven't missed my previous post about it.
Recently Loreen has also visited Malta (though we can't find any TV-performances) and will become a guest of Sopot festival on August 25th (with Eric Saade representing Sweden this year).

UPDATE: Yesterday Loreen has also become a guest of Stockholm Pride and now you can watch a proper TV-performance of her. Also I've added Popstars participants performance above.

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