Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mainekk & Linnea Henriksson - Ljyd

Linnea Henriksson doesn't disappear from radio-liseteners and TV-viewers this year, singer's debut album "Till mina älskade och älskare" has peaked at #26 in official Swedish chart but lately it was holding position in Top-5 on iTunes and "Lyckligare Nu" definitely has a chance to become a hit currently being iTunes #2.
At the same time Linnea manages to record collaborations with other musicians. In the end of 2011 Tingsek has released the album with Linnea as a guest on one of the tracks - "Paranoia Waltz" and this year Linnea has already provided vocals for the band Mainekk's album, the track "Ljyd" to be exact.
Both songs are pretty experimental, non-mainstream but very charming, Linnea can create really beautiful atmosphere with her melodic warm vocal.

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