Monday, August 20, 2012

Miss Bloom - Kung Fu

Idol followers should remember Elin Blom who has taken part in 2010 edition with Andreas Weise and Linnea Henriksson.
Elin was one of our season's sweethearts who has also become judges favorite and the one we expected to have a lot of releases afterwards. Elin wasn't newcomer in music previously participating in Finnish Eurovision selection and MGP Nordic.
Anyway though Elin was performing new songs live after Idol (Under My Skin, Party On My Own) it has taken a time for a new single and here it is. "Kung Fu" is a playful pop-rock track in a light Pink's style, basically something Elin was initially about musically and what fits her image really well. So I hope this is the official start of Elin's active post-Idol releasing story.

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Heja Terjärv! :D