Saturday, August 25, 2012

Terese Fredenwall - Drop The Fight

This Sunday we're gonna get the first artist of Melodifestivalen-2013. One of Svensktoppen Nästa finalists will win the contest and get their place at MF next February as a prize. Currently artists competes with other songs that can only show their potential and out of these names our clear favorite is the girl we already heard about before.
Previously you could see Terese Fredenwall's name connecting to artists like Danny and Jenny Berggren she has written songs for, she was also performing with Jenny Berggren on one stage and you can check yourself what a star quality this girl has. The artist has already released three albums and here you can check her latest single "Hey You Middle Aged Married Man".
Terese takes part in Svensktoppen Nästa with a song "Drop The Fight" - beautifully growing ballad with a nice electronic touch and Terese's fragile vocal, the song which shows her songwriting skills really well.
We do hope we'll be celebrating Terese's victory tomorrow, this is the artist of Melodifestivalen league and she just must win!
You can also check other finalists here.

Lyssna: Therese Fredenwall - Drop the fight

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Sara said...

Love "Drop the Fight"! Go Terese!

Vote tomorrow for her by phone or SMS: 099-321 08