Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ulrik Munther - Soldiers (Stormby Remix)

Two months ago we were writing about Stormby's Remix of "Euphoria", the first proper remix coming out for this track so fast - even sooner than official pack. Now Stormby has come up with another great mix for another Melodifestivalen entry of this year - Ulrik Munther's "Soldiers", which hasn't also got any official mixes yet (update: thanks to Being Blogged I've found out that actually official mix was released two days ago but I like Stormby's one much more), so we hope Ulrik's label will think about making this one official.
Stormby's remix has become big, poppy and sounds exactly like MF classic mix should sound (I mean you can go dubstep, you can make acoustic versions but schlager-season would be just wrong without such properly schlageristic mixes like this), it also contains an utterly cool military drum intro. You can check whole new Stormby's Swe Pop compilation Ulrik's mix was included in, one hour of the best fresh Swedish dance-pop you absolutely will like.

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