Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tone Damli feat. Eric Saade - Imagine

Leaving his sales records in 2011 Eric Saade is hardly busy on a big tour he's making around Sweden, seems like his audience is more than pleased and Eric is not going to stop recording process but has a temporary pause with new releases.
Though he always can take part in some other artist's stuff what he has actually done recording a new track with Norwegian Tone Damli who has become pretty popular after she has become #2 with the song "Butterflies" in MGP-2009 right after Alexander Rybak.
These days Tone releases a new album "Looking Back" and it contains the song "Imagine" co-written by Eric with his constant collaborators - J-Son, Jason Gill and Leslie Tay. It's pretty summerish in Baby Alice's "Piña Colada Boy" eurodance-way and produced in a recognizable style of Eric's latest albums so fans of Mr. Saade are going to be pretty happy to get this fresh piece of his music.

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eliel said...

Couldn't she find someone else to duet with? Ideally with fully functional vocal chords.