Wednesday, April 25, 2012

iamwhoiamwhoami - in due order / idle talk

We stayed apart from the project iamwhoiamwhoami quite long trying to find something that will catch us not just visually but musically and feels like we've found it.
iamwhoiamwhoami was set up as multimedia-project with Swedish singer Jonna Lee behind it presenting quite bizarre electronic music stuff through a series of online videos full of not less bizarre images.
Project has got support of London D.E.F. Artist Management previously working with artists like Fever Ray, The Knife, Robyn and the debut album will be released this June. Here's one of the latest videos - utterly captivating "in due order" with its dancing hairy monsters and Jonna moving in the dark haunting beat with the image reminding Lamb's "B-Line". And another one - adorable dreamy electropop "idle talk" presented just yesterday but musically has won us over directly.

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