Friday, April 27, 2012

Dr. Alban - Loverboy

Sweet nostalgic hello from 90s. Dr. Alban relelases brand new single "Loverboy" on May 21 and here we get a sneak peek of it.
Not that Dr. Alban was completely out of music stage all these years, the biggest highlight for us was his duo with Starclub/Daisy "Chiki Chiki", since that he has released the album "Back to Basics" that hasn't charted in Sweden but has given the artist a new stuff to make tour in Eastern Europe where he's still remembered well. Now Alban has prepared some fresh music and recently he has premiered the first new track "Freedom" on TV4 that wasn't promoted so much afterwards. Instead we have another track "Loverboy" which sounds exactly like 90s Dr. Alban with updated production and (always) cool backing vocalists.

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Anonymous said...

Alban rules again!!