Friday, April 20, 2012

Loreen at The Voice of Finland

Loreen who has become #1 in Finland right after her Melodifestivalen victory was invited to perform "Euphoria" at The Voice of Finland today - foreign promo-trip that can be her the only before Eurovision according to Expressen, seems like it's not in priority of label and after watching the show I think it's not fair as it has really won the audience directly. With just a strings orchestra playing in the begining and Loreen leaving all choreography out and concentrating on vocals with a proper lazers work performance has become not any less emotional, goosebumps-giving and breathtaking than it was at Melodifestivalen. The audience and juries have praised the singer with standing ovations.
Yesterday "Euphoria" has become #1 in Lithuanian iTunes chart (after Estonia), keeps quite long in Top-10 in Norway and Finland and spreads on the radio in other countries.

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