Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Laleh - Vårens Första Dag

As it was expected after the latest Så mycket bättre season Laleh has become an absolute sweetheart of Sweden this year. During 12 weeks after its February release Laleh's album "Sjung" was leaving Top-5 only once and is back to #1.
The first single from the album "Some Die Young" hasn't just entered Top-10 but also has become a hit across Scandinavia (current #1 of Norwegian iTunes and you can find Loreen at #2 by the way). And here we have another single that can be not less hit. "Vårens Första Dag", light melodic indie-pop song that you're gonna like if you've fallen for Laleh's cover of "Ängeln i rummet", has got its wonderful video which was premiered today and you can watch it right now.

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