Monday, April 16, 2012

Alex Saidac - Stay In This Moment

The second Alex Saidac's single "Stay In This Moment" she was teasing us with in November interview was digitally released in Sweden today!
Alex described new song as a move from dance-music to a pop-side and now we realize what she means. "Stay In This Moment" is actually not directly a dance-track but it still dancey enough and feels like something in a vein of Britney's last album but performed with Avril's wild expression, poppy and crazy. We could call it Saidac-party style.
Single was released with 9 remixes from Soundfactory, Wideboys, WAV, Christian Davies and Curveball, grand pack that you can get a sneak peek of in a sampler below, and original version has already entered Top-10 of Swedish iTunes and hopefully gonna keep attracting attention of foreign listeners.
You can also check full original version of the track skiping at 01.31.48 in a widget below.

Lyssna: PP3 med Pär Lernström

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