Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Schlager QX-2012 is out!

QX's schlager-issue is one of the most exciting warming up Melodifestivalen events gathering participants of upcoming season in some absolutely amazing photo shootings every year. It's Schlagerprofilerna Ken Olausson and Ronny Larsson who are responsible for this great celebration with photographer Christian Hagward and they tried to tease us completely unbearably this year what has turned to the series of traditionally awesome images and unexpected transformations.
So today you can download this fantastic set with loads of interesting interviews here but what is even more amazing for non-Swedish speaking schlager-fans now you can read it in English! Schlagerfiasko has translated schlager-part of magazine and now you don't need to spend hours with Google Translate like I used to few years ago.
So if you want to know:
- If Charlotte Perrelli finds "Hero" or "The Girl" her stronger entry.
- If Timoteij are going to use instruments again.
- What was Danny fighting for with SVT negotiating about performance.
- What sort of family relations Afro-dite and Loreen have.
- How Eric Saade hasn't let Sean Banan watch Melodifestivalen last year.
- And some news about upcoming albums of Timoteij and Sonja.
...go and read it in Swedish and in English. Full set photos is featuring Danny, Ulrik Munther, Mattias Andreassen, Loreen, Molly Sandén, Charlotte Perrelli, Afro-dite, Sonja Aldén, Andreas Lundstedt, Marie Serneholt, Dead By April, Youngblood, Andreas Johnson, Timoteij, Sean Banan, Love Generation and Mimi Oh. You can see some of pics below.

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