Thursday, January 19, 2012

OPA! - Himmelskt

Schlager-debutants keep delivering presentations of their latest material and this time it's OPA! - band that will perform song "Allting blir bra igen" written by vocalist Michael Sideridis in the 4th Melodifestivalen semifinal on 25 February in Malmö.
But here's the first sneak peek of their upcoming album - single "Himmelskt", I'm not professional in this genre to judge how high concentration of pure Greek pop we have here but I can say one thing - you're not gonna get any Sofia's Swedish pop compromises even though they sing in Swedish. It's folk, atmospheric, melodic and pleasant folk. How successful can it be in Melodifestivalen? If guys are ready give proper amount of joy like Andra generationen they have a chance. have a listen right below..

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