Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magnus Uggla feat. Carola - Jag Vill Ha Dig Baby (Niclas Kings Remix)

For all of you who has started to think Carola is over with schlager and has completely moved to rock'n'roll-covers area we have brilliant proof she still can do schlager as good as she used to!
Another The Voice jury member Magnus Uggla has provided track "Jag Vill Ha Dig Baby" from his latest album "Innan filmen tagit slut..." produced by Peter Kvint for Niclas Kings to make remix and Carola to replace Edith Backlund's vocal part. Song has turned from pop-rock schlager in typical Magnus's manner to a light dance-schlager, Niclas can work with schlagers (Hera Björk "Je Ne Sais Quoi", Euroband "This Is My Life", Kate Ryan "Je T'Adore") and though musically it's not in style of his Eurovision works this mix pushes all the right buttons to bring up the tune to its dancey radio-friendly shelf where it belongs.
Below you can listen to both versions of this song as both are really worthy.

Lyssna: Jag Vill Ha Dig Baby

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