Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Broken Door - Time For Changes

Broken Door are back with a bunch of great news - band's debut album will be released on April 2nd which is not that far already and fresh single "Time For Changes" from upcoming album is out and sounds awesome!
I'd say it's the most happy, anthemic and actually the strongest Broken Door's track ever in my opinion, if you want what it's like I'd say it sounds like an amazing band's entry for Melodifestivalen, heavy beats of chorus feel like Bassflow-produced (though acording to press-release it was recorded in collaboration with producers of Bell Studio who worked before with artists like The Darkness, Backstreet Boys and Westlife). Beautiful piano intro grows through melodically slightly Star Pilotesque verse (put the beat louder and we'd call it dancey) spiced up with strings and exploses in a big beautiful chorus.
Swedish radio accepted Broken Door very well from the beginning so I can easily imagine this track as another band's big radio-hit.

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Anonymous said...

Awsome track !"