Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meloupdates-2012: the beginning

We've got 3 weeks left before melotour will start and we'll keep following all news of Melodifestivalen rehearsals and presentations like we did last year.

First of all SVT has announced rules changes:
1) After the first round of voting we'll get 5 qualifying participants without revealed semifinal winner. In a second round (where all five participants will keep votes earned in the first round and new votes added) we'll get two finalists and two participants of Second Chance (without a winner announced again).
2) Second Chance duels won't be pre-defined (like 3rd place of 2nd semifinal against 4th place of 4th semifinal) but defined by draw. Still possibility of the same semifinal participants fighting in Second Chance will be excluded.
Though I don't really care about 2nd change, 1st one is what I was missing as last two years we had 4 real candidates for the win and the rest. That was decreasing excitement twice.

Second important news are official order of performances that you can see below.
Danny gets the most respectable last spot from which Carola, Malena and Charlotte won. Other opening/closing spots usually given to favorites have gone to Loreen, Youngblood, Ulrik Munther, Charlotte Perrelli and Thomas Di Leva. Sean Banan is responsible for a funny MF-starting performance and Björn Ranelid should work for statistics "finishing semifinal doesn't mean you should qualify somewhere".

Semifinal 1: Växjö (February 4th)
1. Sean Den Förste Banan - Sean Banan
2. På väg - Abalone Dots
3. I Want To Be Chris Isaak (This Is Just The Beginning) - The Moniker
4. The Boy Can Dance - Afro-Dite
5. Mystery - Dead by April
6. Salt & Pepper - Marie Serneholt
7. Jag reser mig igen - Thorsten Flinck och Revolutionsorkestern
8. Euphoria - Loreen

Semifinal 2: Göteborg (February 11th)
1. Soldiers - Ulrik Munther
2. Baby Doll - Top Cats
3. I din himmel - Sonja Aldén
4. Aldrig aldrig - Andreas Lundstedt
5. Stormande hav - Timoteij
6. Shout It Out - David Lindgren
7. Det går för långsamt - Mimi Oh
8. Ge aldrig upp - Thomas Di Leva

Semifinal 3: Leksand (February 18th)
1. Youngblood - Youngblood
2. I mina drömmar - Maria BenHajji
3. Förlåt mig - Mattias Andréasson
4. Just A Little Bit - Love Generation
5. Sanningen - Carolina Wallin Pérez
6. Lovelight - Andreas Johnson
7. Why Am I Crying - Molly Sandén
8. Mirakel - Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li

Semifinal 4: Malmö (February 25th)
1. The Girl - Charlotte Perrelli
2. Allting blir bra igen - OPA!
3. Land of Broken Dreams - Dynazty
4. Don?t Let Me Down - Lotta Engberg och Christer Sjögren
5. Goosebumps - Hanna Lindblad
6. Kyss mig - Axel Algmark
7. Why Start A Fire - Lisa Miskovsky
8. Amazing - Danny Saucedo

In other news Molly Sandén and Eric Saade are not together anymore so Molly's MF-song gets real fresh story.

Mimi Oh keeps teasing with behind the scenes clips of her "Säkerhetsnål" video (part 1, part 2).

Talking about preparations - many participants already rehearses their performances and you can already see that Timoteij will use the same dance gang as in 2010 (except Fredrik Olofsson)...

...Afro-dite are working with choreographer Damon Frost and seems like they won't use other dancers (but it's not clear yet!)...

...Andreas Lundstedt puts on a show with performance choreographed by Jennie Widegren ("Deja Vu", "Lucky You")...

...and Molly gets tips from Rennie Mirro about her ballad performance.

And finally check who's becoming the biggest bookies favorites (according to unibet.se in this case).

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Anonymous said...

I donțt understand the last table.Danny has the smallest chances.Ițm stupid.Please explain what is with those numbers!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the last table.Danny has the smallest chances?I'm stupid.Please explain what is with those numbers!

Damian said...

No-no, those with smallest odds has bigger chance to win.
So if you put 100$ on Danny - you'll get just 400$ (or 400$ + your 100$, I don't remember) back in a case of his win.
If you put 100$ on Thorsten Flinck and he wins you get 15000$.

Anonymous said...

Ok!So Danny is big favorite and also he has the last spot.But looking back last year-Love Generation haven't even made it to the finals.And Eric performed in the third semifinal...I still hope that Charlotte has a strong chance!

Damian said...

Sure, loads of faves use to fall all the time and not anyone on the last spot wins. I also hope Charlotte will qualify directly to the final but expect it'll be difficult this time for her. Danny has better chance to qualify not having other girls favorites in that semifinal.

Anonymous said...

There can be many rumours...depends on the song.I've followed Charlotte on her blog.She says she just love "The Girl" which is a really great song, up-to-date.We will see.I also think it will be difficult for her, but not impossible!

Anonymous said...

And since when Molly and Eric break up?Is fresh news?

Damian said...

Well, she has the same team as behind "Like My Style" and I really liked that track so I think I can like "The Girl" a lot.

Anonymous said...

Yes...if you add a little bit of Abba feelings and think how should a MF entry should sound....then you can get Charlotte's song.Plus that she is looking much better than in -08.

Damian said...

Regarding Molly and Eric - yes, it has happened just few days ago.