Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jonas Hedqvist + Afro-Dite = I Am What I Am

Seems like Afro-dite's comeback has started few months earlier than we've got rumours about their participation in Melodifestivalen with disco-track "The Boy Can Dance" which is one of mutiple songs we have pretty high hopes on.
Jonas Hedqvist who has become responsible for official Pride anthem "I Am What I Am" back in 2001 has decided to celebrate 10-years anniversary of his debut re-releasing it with Melodifestivalen-winning trio and track not losing its big musical feeling has got a bunch of disco-energy and refreshed production.
B-side "Discover The Night" featuring Britta Bergström has become pretty different, dark dancey track which could become a great option of this year's anthem getting nice catchy tune and lovely electronic arrangement.
You can check stream of "I Am What I Am" on Jonas's site and "Discover The Night" below.

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