Monday, December 26, 2011

Håkan Hemlin - Skenande Tåg

Håkan "Nordman" Hemlin who's getting back to solo-stage of his career this year has appeared in Nyhetsmorgon to perform recently released single "När Stockholm Somnar In" we told about not so long ago. Another performed tracks were pop-rock ballad "Skenande Tåg" from upcoming album which is also not as folky as you could expect from Nordman's vocalist but automatically turning pretty special with Håkan's voice and "Hålla Dig Hårt" - supposedly to appear on a record too. Singer's throat was obviously not in its healthiest state but Håkan tried to do the best. He has already mentioned in interview that his colleague by Nordman - Mats Wester also works on this album.


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yu said...

He performed three songs in Nyhetsmorgon!
"Hålla Dig Hårt"

Damian said...

Oh, thanx so much! I've missed the third one. Apparently another album track.