Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christoffer Hiding on the way to debut album

Christoffer Hiding who has become a really outstanding discovery of Idol-2007 with his utterly special soul-vocal and amazing cover of Nelly Furtado's "Say It Right" which is still one of our most beloved Idol-covers has come back to the spotlights earlier this year sharing stage with Swingfly at Melodifestivalen-2011. Team has qualified to the final and the song "Me And My Drum" has become commercially one of the most successful entries of Melodifestivalen-2011.
Currently Christoffer is back to solo-career and having no sponsorship to record album but eagerly wanting to make his old dream come true he has come up with the project to raise money for his debut album to be recorded in the studio with a team of professionals.
If you'll help him he's gonna pay back with albums, exclusive concerts and even ability to sing with Christoffer on the album, project has already gathered around 15.000 kronas and in common it requires 60.000 so if you've decided to help this album to come out you can make it here.
All these years after Idol Christoffer wasn't left completely outside of music making though, below you can check my favorite Christoffer's song "Sunshine" from 2008, on his Soundcloud-channel you can find other previously recorded pop-soul tracks and it's really worthy stuff.

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