Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bosson - Guardian Angel

Right when we've started to think that we've lost Bosson for good (his latest album was released 4 years ago and since then we didn't see any sign or hope for the next one) Swedish star has premiered brand new single "Guardian Angel" on a local radio.
New single is co-written by Bosson with Tomas Skyldeberg and Claes Funke and it's right that classic Bosson you've been missing without any huge step aside showing the best of 00s Swedish pop and I don't know if this sort of pop is working in Sweden these days but I can easily imagine very warm response to this track in Eastern Europe (though Eastern Europe is going to get another single - "Loveshock"). Finally "Guardian Angel" is right that sort combination of catchy rhythmic verses growing to beautiful dreamy choruses and high pitched notes which have won a huge Bosson's fanbase in times of "You Opened My Eyes", "I Believe" and "Efharisto".
You can check single below skipping at 16.30.

Lyssna: 11.00 - 11.30 onsdag 07 dec 2011

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Tatyana said...

It is great! ;)

clooney55 said...

yeees!realy good! ;)
Please Bosson,create you million song! ;)
...from Hungary...