Monday, December 19, 2011

Cervello - Cause I Am

When it comes to collaboration with local Swedish artists world top-producer Max Martin seems to prefer working on anything but commercial pop. This year he was noticed on releases of Those Dancing Days and SOL/Stat & Orchestra Live and now it's Stockholm rock band Cervello that has managed to work with Max on one of their debut self-titled album tracks "Cause I Am".
Back in the beginning of 00s Max has shown he's able to make a brilliant alternative rock-music (Bon Jovi, Prime STH, Lambretta) which still sounds nowadays much more fresh than what he did in pop then and now he's back on a same track. "Cause I Am" is melodic alternative-ballad with expressive vocals, light feeling of American radio-rock and awesome guitar solo in middle-eight, world-level track that you can imagine appearing on for example Daughtry's album. By the way Cervello's album in common sounds like a crossover between Nickelback and Daughtry, very qualitative work produced by Henrik Edenhed (Dead By April, Robyn, Teddybears sthm, Fibes oh Fibes, Oh Laura) and I would recommend you to check another track "First Time" that was recorded with another star guest - John 5 (guitarist of Marilyn Manson).
Thanks for this tip to Jules.

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