Monday, December 26, 2011

Lena Philipsson - Live Tomorrow

New season of Så Mycket Bättre has become another success, show has got a series of scandals around TV4 team exploiting artists too tough and forcing them to make revelations and to talk about memories they'd never open on ordinary shows. Sweden hasn't found new "Mikrofonkåt" but has re-discovered Laleh and every weeekend after a new episode when fresh bunch of studio-covers was out on iTunes, her tracks were reaching iTunes-top immediately. It's quite rightfully, Laleh is amazing artist and she has appeared right in that moment when demand for some fresh and original indie-pop artists in Sweden is really huge.
However our favorite cover of the season was made not by Laleh but Lena Philipsson who has turned Laleh's biggest hit "Live Tomorrow" to absolutely incredible schlager, something that she couldn't leave this show without. Original melody was almost not changed so in common track can be felt like remix but it's not as clubby. While verses have got heavy "Popular"-esque electro-treatment choruses open in euphoric schlager-explosion, something Lena would be very welcome and undoubtedly very successful with on Melodifestivalen stage.

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Rao! said...

I'm very curious about the scandal involving Lena Philipsson, I saw she posted about it on facebook, but my poor swedish wasn't good enough to understand what really happened.

Damian said...

I guess you mean that scandal when Lena was singing her own lyrics of Mikael Wiehe's "Vem kan man lita på?" and it contained a string "när kungen och hans vänner ljuger medvetet ikapp" (translated if I'm not wrong, my Swedish is not that perfect, as "when king and his friends are lying") as a hint to Anders Lettström's recent scandalous book about royal family. It was afterwards criticized by Royalistic association and Royal Court information chief.

Rao! said...

I'm not sure, that was probably it. It wasn't such a big deal, was it?

Thanks for clearing it up :)