Sunday, May 6, 2012

Daisy - Girl is Me

We've been waiting for Daisy for ages and finally she's back with something sounding like a smash directly!
For those who didn't hear about this singer, Daisy has started career in a project Starclub around 2006 making wonderful summerish Arash-breathing pop that has got a pretty positive response abroad after release of singles "Chiki Chiki" and "All The Boys".
Quite soon Daisy has come up with a solo-project and has delivered a big Swedish pop explosion "Everytime" that unfortunately hasn't got follow-up but we could listen to some other nice pieces of Daisy's music on her Myspace page and the singer was working on a new music all the latest time.
Here's the first result of her work in studio "Girl is Me" - brand new track which is not a dance as you could expect but it's a pure pop with an excellent production and massive attitude. Daisy takes part in Metro On Stage contest with this song so don't hesitate to listen to the song and support it here.

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