Sunday, May 6, 2012

Linnea Henriksson - Mitt rum i ditt hjärta/Lyckligare nu

Linnea Henriksson is on the way to her debut album "Till Mina Älskade Och Älskare" to be out on May 30th, after two singles released she has visited Nyhetsmorgon to perform two more songs to be included in upcoming album, both in Swedish (as the whole album, you can watch tracklisting here).
"Mitt rum i ditt hjärta" is utterly deep melancholic synth ballad changing tempo few times and feeling experimental, maybe even as an improvisation in the end. "Lyckligare nu" is on the other hand starts with haunting rock'n'roll verse switching to a big melodic chorus. Linnea has alreadyso performed her latest single "Alice".


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