Thursday, May 10, 2012

Charlotte Perrelli - In The Sun

Waiting for a series of new post-MF albums from Timoteij, David Lindgren and Molly Sandén coming very soon I'd like to turn your head to another worth mentioning work of this Spring, the one you probably even got tired of. Or probably you're going to play it till the very end of this year, or years more... However Charlotte Perrelli's "The Girl" hasn't failed to meet the expectations, the album has become a proper pop-treatment and has peaked at #7 of Swedish chart which is Charlotte's second best result after "Hero" (#3).
While "Little Braveheart" starts spreading in Europe, I'd like to mention another great dance track - "In The Sun". Starting with a slow growing intro as all good schlagers are supposed to it surprisingly turns to a big dance summerish anthem, poptastic and happy. As dubstep becomes a trend in Swedish pop this song also includes dubstep middle-eight. The song was written by the same team behind "The Girl" and "Little Braveheart" - Fredrik Kempe and Alexander Jonsson with producing help of Elias Kapari and the lyrics from Sharon Vaughn.

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Anonymous said...

I read her blog every day. She has a new love and she is veeeeryyy RICH. Her new album is great!!! Why do you think that charted only four weeks?

galanov said...

Вообщем, по твоей наводке послушал 'In the sun'. Что-то не могу сказать, что очень впечатлнен. Тебе не кажется, что вокал очень
90;ихо и какбэ на заднем плане? А дабстеп вставка хороша, правда, опять же только аранжировка. Вокал Шарлотт в ней очень дешево звучит.

może said...

love the photo!

Damian said...

Коля, ну это наша шлягер-Шарлотт, она звучала и будет звучать шлягерно в 2020 и в 2030 :)