Friday, December 28, 2012

Mohombi - Got Another One

How long ago have we got Mohombi's fresh leaks? Well, recently Nikki Minaj's demo-version of "Starships" has surfaced with Mohombi being signed as demo-singer. I find Mohombi in this track hardly recognizable and don't support the opinion about it's actually being him (or at least being him among other vocalists in chorus). Another new track appearing in web doesn't leave doubts about Mohombi performing though, this is his style, his voice and today it was published on Mohombi's Facebook page.
"Got Another One" is a summerish r'n'b-pop track, neither dance-stomper nor a ballad, just a very nice melodic Mohombi-pop with proper hit-tune and hopefully a sign of new releases coming soon.

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gus_pin said...

the demo vocal of starships are made by Wayne Hector...