Thursday, December 20, 2012

Suvi - Clovers

Fresh pop-alert on the blog! Suvi, who you probably never heard about before, makes a wonderful debut with the single "Clovers" coming out along with premiere of video.
Lately Suvi collaborated with Julius Duhs and Robin Svensk (a.k.a Robin Rocks & Rubio) who previously worked with Loreen (album version of "Sober"), Nervo and Miike Snow. Can you find any relations with any of them in a sound of "Clovers"? Yes and no at the same time. Beautiful electronic production of live arrangement and dreamy melody brings that fragile feeling of slightly dramatic atmosphere of "Sober" but still this is very special concept which hopefully will be followed by loads of new stuff.
You can also check another Suvi's track "Monsoon" on her soundcloud channel.

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