Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Darin - Seven Days a Week

The last Darin's Så Mycket Bättre has arrived and this time it was made for The Sounds' "Seven Days a Week". Darin has basically come back to what he has started from. I mean electropop-sound he has made debut at Så Mycket Bättre performing "Stockholm". But while "Stockholm" was utterly dramatic track "Seven Days a Week" appeals to a much lighter and happier side of Darin. Just like the most of covers it sounds like nothing you heard from this singer before but is undeniably another great gem of Darin's collection.
Currently Darin reigns in the top-3 of Swedish iTunes-chart with "Astrologen", "Seven Days A Week" and "En Apa Som Liknar Dig" which officially makes him a king of this season (while Petra Marklund and Laleh can be considred as queens of previous ones).
This Saturday we'll hear the last bunch of covers and it will be the night of Darin's music, if you want to know which songs will be performed by whom check Schlagerprofilerna's post.

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