Sunday, February 24, 2013

David Lindgren - Skyline EP

David Lindren whose album has become #1 last year after his participation in Melodifestivalen is back this year to conquer Swedish audience again with his new EP "Skyline". Except "Skyline" and "Shout It Out" it contains 4 more tracks which sound like natural and quite good of David's sound created by company of well-known melosongwriters - Tony Nilsson, Fernando Fuentes, Sharon Vaughn, Dimitri Stassos.
I'd particularly mention "Back 2 Life" which feels like David v 2.0 and "Ignite" which is a bridge between Guetta and Tony Nilsson's production. Modern r'n'b ballad "Armageddon" is also what this EP needed. Though "Amnesia" feels quite weird and unnecessary but otherwise is a good contrast to show how good other tracks are.
You can listen to snippets of tracks here and watch David's performance in Nyhetsmorgon below.

David%20Lindgren%20-%20Skyline David%20Lindgren%20-%20Back%20to%20life David%20Lindgren%20-%20Armageddon

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