Monday, January 21, 2013

Zara Larsson - In Love With Myself

Zara Larsson finally releases her debut EP "Introducing" and since release of the first single "Uncover" interest to Zara has gone from zero to some highest heights not only in Sweden but she's got a pretty huge attention across Scandinavia. While both "Uncover" (which since December has got around 1,5 million youtube views) and EP have become #1 on iTunes in Sweden, the single and EP have entered Top-100 of Finland and Norway.
My comparison of Zara with Rihanna wasn't in vain. Mostly it's connected with Zara's strong, hard but at the same time emotional voice which is difficult to associate with anyone else. But as well "Introducing" mostly explores successful formulas of Rihanna's trends. And it's still the songs Rihanna could release today! But as it's getting harder in modern Sweden to succeed working in mainstream pop-genres breaking through cases deserve attention especially.
Except big dance Guettaesque "When Worlds Collide" EP has also included nice hip-hop experiment "Under My Shades", gorgeous dance-killer "It's A Wrap" and heavy electropop "In Love With Myself". EP sounds like a half of what could be Sweden's top-album of 2013 and I do hope soon we'll have another half!
You can listen to radio-premiere of "In Love With Myself" skipping at 10.10.

Lyssna: Intervjun med Zara Larsson

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