Sunday, January 16, 2011

Le Kid and Eric Saade at P3 live

P3 live concerts always provide hours of joyful gigs for all Swedish music lovers who can't reach Sweden or other places where Swedish musicians give their live concerts so here I'd like to give you a tip about performances of two names which are going to be on fire next year after participation in Melodifestivalen.
Le Kid and Eric Saade being colleagues signed to Roxy Recordings have visited studio 4 in Stockholm's Radiohuset to perform blasting shiny hits set for big radio-audience. Concert has started from Le Kid's not released yet smash "We Are The Drums" followed by their first huge hit "Mercy Mercy", another earlier presented but not released song "America" - more relaxed delicate track with amazing double chorus and the latest brilliant electropop single "We Should Go Home Together".
After a small news break Eric Saade has stepped to the stage with Le Kid's Anton on keyboards and his Summer single "Masquerade" (written by Le Kid by the way), rockier version of "Upgrade" (changing it to almost unrecognizable state) and another single "Break Of Dawn" from Eric's debut album sounding much more charming with live arrangement. After a big break after big interviews Eric performed relaxing cover-version of clasic hit "If Tomorrow Never Comes" (around 1:07) and sure how could you think he'll leave screaming public without his main hit "Manboy" so this song has become final song of the night. You can check whole show here.
I'm leaving you with Le Kid's song "Escape" that you should listen if you didn't before, very soft and warm electronic track combining synth-sound with massive strings session bringing feeling of light sadness into this beautiful song.

5 коммент.:

Ubbe said...

Is Escape released? It´s a great song!! I wanna buy it!

Damian said...

Unfortunately only Mercy Mercy and We Should Go Home Together were released so I guess we need to wait for the album to get these tracks.

Anonymous said...
Damian,what do you think about this kind of music?

Myfizzypop said...

oh gosh what a brilliant start to the week. Le Kid and Eric!! Amazing :) Am going to watch this over my coffee and croissant right now :)

Damian said...

Anonymous, it's beautiful sort of music that I'm interested to check but that honestly rarely gets to my player.