Saturday, January 15, 2011

E-Type's new single "Back 2 Life" has arrived!

Ladies and gentlemen E-Type's new single "Back 2 Life" is here!
Last year two old friends Max Martin and Martin "E-Type" Eriksson decided that it's time for eurodance-machine E-Type to come back, from the very beginning of E-Type's career they've made so many breakthroughs together and it was turn of another one!
Previous E-Type's album wasn't as grand in export as some old ones and it was a sign that team needs to change some formulas to bring E-Type back to the world for real and Max Martin who delivered some latest stunning dance anthems like "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love", "Hold It Against Me", "Time Machine", "Dynamite" knew what they need so policy of E-Type's comeback was to get rid of rap, church choruses and to lower bpm. In company with Shellback and Savan Kotecha new single was finished, packed and will be officialy delivered on Monday but as it's already has leaked we give you first listen immediately!
As it was promised "Back 2 Life" is quite far from classic E-Type's sound, it's not blasting straight to your ears with all power of E-Type's female vocalists but brings all joy and energy of modernized eurodance more delicate way. It's like a mix of Taio Cruz, Ke$ha and latest dance singles of Britney and Rihanna. Probably it's not what you expected but please don't judge fast, Max Martin knows what he does and maybe this is a sound that will put E-Type on a top of world dance-music again.
Here you can listen to the song and remix from one of the biggest Swedish DJs - Ali Payami.
And also take a look at this Spring tour dates on E-Type's site and video from photoshooting he did with Bingo Rimér.

(E-type, Shellback, Savan Kotecha)
Published by Maratone (BMI) (adm. by Kobalt Music Publishing),
Produced by Max Martin and Shellback for Maratone Productions
Recorded at Maratone Studios, Stockholm, Sweden by Max Martin & Shellback
All instruments/programming by Shellback and Max Martin
Mixed by Serban Ghenea at MixStar Studios, Virginia Beach, VA
Engineered for Mix by John Hanes
Assistant Engineered for Mix by Tim Roberts

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Anonymous said...

Video doesn't work

Damian said...

Weird, it works for me, does it load flash-widget for you at all?

Anonymous said...

no, only this video doesn't work.. :)

Damian said...

Ok, try here.

Anonymous said...

o_O doesn't work too =(

Damian said...

Hm, I don't know really. Can advice only to try that link in different browsers.

Anonymous said...

I am a massive fan of E-Type and love all the songs he's ever made but I feel disapointed with this song. It is catchy but is missing something. I feel he needs the female vocalists back too.

Ubbe said...

I love it! Very different from his previous work, but I´m sure E-Type & Max Martin have created another hit record! Very catchy song!

Alexander said...

Dear Lord. E-Type's chipmunk-voice is not strong or good enough to carry an entire song. This song could be good with an actual singer - however Martin isn't one. Sorry. This is bad.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but without Nana or other back vocalist it's very very bad

Anonymous said...

For the first time in 17 years i'm very disappointed. If a whole aalbum is coming with songs in the same style, it would be the very first time i wouldn't buy an album of E-type because i think this song is a total waste of time to listen

Jules said...

The videos work for me! :)
I can't listen to it though, I'm still at work and I have no sound here, haha.

I've been checking iTunes (Sweden) last night (after midnight), this morning and even now at work I've been checking on our iPad all day long, but the song isn't available at iTunes ==> WHAT'S WRONG?? :-(