Monday, January 24, 2011

Daily MF: Week before Melofever

I guess you guys have already mentioned how crazy this blog is about Melodifestivalen and everything MF-related. It's just a week left before first semifinal preparation will take part but as I want this great music celebration to start already now I'll be giving you daily tips about what's going on in schlager-bubble before the start of Melodifestivalen-2011.
Let's begin with this recently premiered exciting melotrailer with Marie Serneholt, Rickard Olsson, Eric Saade and taxi driver who's not gonna drive anywhere before discussing Melodifestivalen with someone on the phone.

And the latest exciting news! Earlier it was announced that Lena Philipsson and The Ark will perform in interval act, now Dalarnas Tidningar reports that other artists will be Christer Sjögren and Nanne Grönvall. Common idea of interval acts will be rolling around character of world producer "The Hurricane" (played by Peter Stormare) able to make a star of completely any artist. Firstly we'll see meeting of Peter and artist and then we'll get a live-performance of artist as probe of new star. Details about every interval act are kept in secret but it's gonna bring a lot of fun. Check the first photo of Lena and Peter, thanx for tips about this pic to new terrific blog Schlagerfiasko.

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Anonymous said...

You've posted this on youtube!!!!It means you are into the things more than I thought you are.....Are you an insider of MF?

Damian said...

Depends on what you mean :)
If you mean I have something with organization and organizer - actually no, I'm just a follower :)