Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daily MF: Schlager-training

Everyone wants to be in the best shape going to the highlights and looking stunning and sexy in front of millions of viewers so artists are working to get perfectly fit by any possible means.
Danny decided to reach success with a really hard training. You can follow his trip to the world of health here.

Guy is hardly breathing but we hope something will be left from him before his performance on MF. Though wait... He's looking more than alive, isn't he?

Sara Lumholdt has quite original way to keep her shape perfect - pole dance and what she makes with pole is just unbelievable! That what happens with A-Teens when they become A-Women, but we still love you little hot Sara! Though maybe we love you even more!

Participants who are already in a perfect shape are Love Generation! Girls are shooting video that will be used during their performance with the song "Dance Alone" and due to pics idea is going to turn to something stunning. At least catwoman suits already look gorgeous! Check for more pics here and here.

3 коммент.:

Myfizzypop said...

the boys of melodifestivalen constantly put my body to shame. i knew i shouldn'thave had a cadburys creme egg for breakfast :P

s. said...

Love Generation seems to have the same idea with Magdalena Tul (polish NF2011) Look at: it's her presentation :)

Damian said...

Come on, Paul, we both know that it was the last cadburys creme egg and our bodies need to get some wrong food to understand what's right one.

Oh that Magdalena's performance looks completely amazing! She's my favorite in Polish preselection by the way. We'll see if LG will look like that :)