Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wrethov - Runaway

Sweden's ready for a new star though this person is already familiar to Swedish audience. Already in June Anderz Wrethov will release his single "Runaway" and it sounds like it's gonna be a huge hit in a close future. Initially Anderz has started as artist participating in popular show "Sikta mot stjärnorna" that I wrote about in previous post, he won as Bryan Adams' look-alike in 1999 and in 00s has turned from artist to songwriter working with many artists all over the world and sure with Swedish colleagues - Günther, Arash, Frida, Carlito (Dr Bombay), etc. His latest huge European hit "Always" was performed by Arash and Aysel on Eurovision-2010 and his songs (Arash, Günther & The Sunshine Girls "Like Fire Tonight", Frida feat. Headline "Upp och hoppa") were also taken twice to Swedish selection. Debut Anderz' single "Runaway" sounds like great follower of "Poker Face" mixing elecro-pop with hard beat and guitar sound. You can also clearly hear vocals of Johanna Stedt in the end of track (Johanna is often involved in tracks made by Anderz), I'm gonna tell you about this talented and beautiful singer little later and now enjoy with this newborn hit!

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